Interview: John Erik Altberg Basshunter

It was a Tuesday morning at 8am and I was super excited to have an interview with legendary EDM artist Basshunter. Only to find that he was completely stuck up and with his awful display of answers while talking to his manager briefly throughout the call, this is all that’s worth posting. If you are happy to by pass his ignorance then catch Basshunter live with 10 other support acts during his Australian tour this November.


What city are you most excited to play in?

Melbourne, because my brother is travelling over there now for a 6 month adventure so he will be over there when I come over so it will be quite cool.


What is your favourite track to play live?

From an audience reaction All I Ever Wanted, but my favourite to perform live is Angel In The Night because I can pretend that I’m a rock star during it with a bloody air guitar in my hand.


What was it like producing edm before the genre really took off?

It was good, it was exciting. Its not like now when 50 tracks released a day from 50 different names.

I just saw a track the other day called ‘My Phone Is Ringing’ and instead of just before the drop where the vocals kick in where you would usually say ” Put your f*** hands up” or “Everybody Jump” it was like, “My cell phone is ringing” and that was the drop. That is when you know people have run out of creativity and ideas and are just desperate to do something. When I first started producing EDM it was exciting it wasn’t corrupted.


What sub genre of EDM do you particularity enjoy experimenting with? 

I don’t believe in genres, I don’t believe in all that stuff. I just believe in producing what I feel like doing that particular day and tht particular time. sometimes i could produce a song at 140bpm and then drag it down to 95bpm and then it sounds better.



Basshunter Australian Tour Dates

Metro City, Perth
Thebarton Theatre, Adelaide
170 Russell St, Melbourne
170 Russell St, Melbourne
Eatons Hill Hotel, Brisbane
Luna Park, Sydney

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