7 Days, 7 Looks, 1 Dress Collage

That’s a wrap for the 7 Days, 7 Looks, 1 Dress posts for Jericho Road Clothing.


Day #1 : Super Casual Sunday.

Day #2 : Messy Mondays.

Day #3 : Out the door Tuesday.

Day #4 : I’m going to the beach.

Day #5 : She was a skater girl.

Day #6 : I needed an excuse to wear my avocado socks.

Day #7 : I’m exhausted and it’s only Friday.


Thank you all so much for tuning in and make sure you let me know which look you liked the best and head along to Jericho Road Clothing  and start creating your own looks!


Stay tuned for more fashion ideas and clothing discounts on We Wear Clothes #yeahbutseriouslythough

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