The Rogue & Vagabond

They don’t call Wellington the culinary capital of NZ for no reason. Restaurants, bars, clubs and cafe’s for miles! Everywhere you turn there’s a funky place to eat or get your groove on and me and Ben definitely made the most of it.


We caught up with a friend of mine Lilith after 3 years of living in different countries and it was like we had never been apart. We had decided to catch up for lunch so she took us  sat this funky 10 page menu groove shack restaurant called The Rogue and Vagabond. Despite the crisp and slightly frozen Wellington breeze we sat down on bean bags outside around a table made from a tire and a flag as our order number sat beside us. 10/10 recommend this place if you enjoy cheap and delicious burgers, craft beers and delicious cider. I had a pulled pork roll that had slaw, onion rings and mayo in the middle with a side of fries and a boysenberry cider. Yum yum and more yum!!!!!

The Rogue & Vagabond


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