Partner In Crime

This is just a little Boyfriend appreciation post.

Some of you may know and some of you may not but generally when I refer to ‘WE’ in any of my blog posts it will almost always be Ben and I that I’m talking about.


I have been dating this boy for 8 months now and after just 3 months we decided to travel NZ together. Was I loosing my mind? Probably, but lucky for him he’s still alive.

He’s a good laugh and drinking partner, he likes cheese and doesn’t get mad when I embark on an angry PMS tangent. I am very aware that dealing with me on a regular basis is some what of a difficult task but some how he’s decided he wouldn’t mind sticking around.


So this is just a wee “Hey bae, thanks for keeping me sane and you should feel special that I haven’t killed you yet post”.

Love Gmonster xox