Jungle Love Announces 2022 Festival Dates

Held in Borumba Deer Park in Mary Valley Region, Jungle Love announces it will be adding another notch to its belt with May 20th to May 22nd locked in for 2022.



We’re now looking towards our seventh edition of Jungle Love, and by doing some things right over the years the festival is more popular than ever, having sold out all tickets on the first day they went on sale for the 2021 event. To our amazement, the vibe was the best it’s ever been. With that in mind, we feel it’s important for anyone that is planning to attend to acknowledge that everyone has a role to play in creating the magic of Jungle Love, by bringing that great vibe with you. It’s about being prepared to participate in any shenanigans, planned or impromptu. It’s about giving, whether that be through random acts of kindness, helping neighbours set up camp, preparing your own fun things to contribute, or a smile. It’s about treating everyone with respect and dignity and being willfully accepting of everyone’s diversity. It’s most definitely about having a proper party and the absolute time of our lives, and it’s about making sure we are responsible about it and reduce our impact on the natural environment in every way we possibly can. This is our vision of utopia.


Those are just a few things that make Jungle Love special. It is also BYO, the organizer’s are super environmentally conscious, the yabba creek runs right around the festival and the all round vibe is like a mini musical oasis.


Tickets are on sale now, do not miss out on the party of 2022!






Borumba Deer Park, Imbil, QLD

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