Aversions Crown Release New Track ‘The Soulless Acolyte’

Brisbane ‘alien metallers’ Aversions Crown have just released their brand new song The Soulless Acolyte.


The Soulless Acoloyte is one of my favourite tracks off the album, and another big piece of the Xenocide puzzle to decipher,” comments vocalist Mark Poida. “The dudes ripped it on this song; the drums shred and it totally slams!”


Music with this type of merciless aggression is rarely seen these days. From the very get go the song hits you in the face with a wall of melodic razor blades. Podia certainly sounds like he has swallowed some of his own, as his delivery is more akin to a rusty chainsaw than a typical vocal performance. The drums and guitars go a million miles a minute with a rhythm section that sounds more like World War III than instruments. One thing is for sure, this song is so peculiar, Aversions Crown deserve to name whatever genre they want.