Your Falls Music & Arts Festival Survival Guide GIRLS

Lets get right down to it. Every chick looks online before going to a festival. What do I wear? What things must I take? What can I afford to leave behind? How much glitter is too much glitter? We have all been there, but now I’m here for you girl!



Baby Wipes



You can clean anything with baby wipes. Face, clothes, shoes, cups everything. Its like a water-less shower in an easy to carry container. Baby wipes are a necessity, do not forget!







There is literally not such thing as to much glitter or cute face accessories. Buy glitter, gems, paint, whatever will make you feel pretty during the festival when your clothes smell like durries, your caked in mud and your hair isn’t the same colour as you had when you left.





This should be an absolute no brainier, but you would be surprised what people forget. Pack WATER! Get one of those 10L jugs of it from wollies and bring a few smaller bottles to keep a few cold in your eski for when you return to camp after a long hot day and your mouth is as dry as the Sahara Desert.



Snap Lock Bags


Handy for everything! Loose change, waterproof phone case, candy, makeup. Anything that might leak or you want to protect from water, these are light, cheap and work wonders.



Festival Bag


Everybody knows girls can never just have a phone in their pocket and then hit the road. We need sh*t. We need to smell good, have moisturised lips, a phone, ID, money, smokes, hair ties, the blood of the virgin mary… I’m kidding but sometimes it feels that way. Please don’t be that person who walks into the pit with a school bag sized back pack, you only need a small bag and then you can pack that thing as much as you need. Draw string is the best!



Tapestry/Fairy Lights


You will 100% need something at your campsite that will help you recognise where you are staying. Its late, its dark and you have had way to much to drink, YOU WILL NEED SOMETHING THAT STANDS OUT FOR YOUR CAMPSITE so you can easily find your way through the swarms of people. If you are lazy like i was last year, just make sure you find someone else who has followed this instruction near your campsite and make your way from there.



Pocket Tissues 


By the second day of camping, the likely hood of the toilet you so desperately waited 30 minutes to pee in has run out of toilet paper. Although the old shake and dry method is an option, chucking some of these bad boys in your bag when you’re walking around the festival could be a massive life saver!







Even though they must be the most unfashionable things on the planet, gumboots must be packed. You may end up not even touching them for the duration of the event, but its better to be safe than sorry so you don’t end up walking knee deep in mud with your cherished $300 Dr Martens on.



Portable Speaker 


When you are hanging with your crew at camp there isn’t anything more awkward than silence. Bring a speaker, pump some tunes and get the mood going. But don’t be that d**k head who plays Peking Duk on full volume at 2 in the morning.. Please!!!


Dry Shampoo 


Not everyone has the time to wait 6 years for a shower in the middle of the night so make sure you pack dry shampoo. Baby wipes will look after all your other smelly bits, this will look after whats on your head so you look fresh after a hard night of antics.



Lip Balm


Not only are my lips always as dry as the sahara dessert, but every time I go to a festival I’m asked for lip balm. Make sure you buy it in a pottle so if you end up sharing, you only share the lip balm and not some nasty disease.



Chewing Gum


Sometimes you have already lied down in bed and it is the comfiest thing on the planet and then you release you haven’t brushed your teeth….. Gum! buy heaps of minty gum and maybe even some fruity stuff if you don’t feel like messing up the taste of any drink you consume within the hour.



Panadol/Pain Medz


It’s good for hangovers, injuries, period pain you name it and you may need pankillers for it so do not forget them.





Fill a bottle with one of these and two pain killer before going to sleep after a big night and I can guarantee you’ll wake up feeling like a million dollars. Maybe $10 if you had a really interesting night but any better felling is a good time right?


Rain Poncho


Get yourself a poncho. It may not keep you completely dry but its better than being drenched and you can always throw it away when you are done. Also can be used as something to sit on if the ground is wet or grass makes you itch!

Falls Music and Arts Festival 2016/17

 WED 28 – SAT 31 DEC
Lorne, Victoria
Marion Bay, Tasmania
SAT 31 – MON 2 JAN
Byron Bay, NSW
Fremantle, WA

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