Students Guide To Homemade Sangria

Always wanted to make homemade Sangria, but don’t have all the special ingredients or you have no idea how to make it. Yeah But Seriously Though is here to save the day!



1 Bottle of the cheapest red wine you can find, or dear depends on how much $$ you have.

3 Apples

1 Cup of Raspberries (Optional)

1 Orange

1 Bottle of Ginger Beer, NOT GINGER ALE. Preferably Kirks.

1 Large Jug to mix everything together.



Depending on how much you spend on your bottle of wine. You could make 1.5 litres or more of Sangria for under $15!


To Prepare:

1: Make sure you have ice.

2: Cut all your fruit into bite sized pieces.

3: Add all your fruit to the bottom of the jug. (Do this first to avoid splash back)

4: Pour your wine into the designated Sangria jug.

5: Poor in half a bottle of ginger beer.

6: Place in the fridge for around 2 hours or until you get impatient.

7: Fill glass with ice and poor sangria over the top.

8: If you want to be fancy use lime juice and sugar to fancy up the rim of your glass.