Nico Ghost Reveals EP Teaser ‘How You Feel’

Melbourne MC, Nico Ghost has just revealed a teaser for his upcoming EP in the form of his latest single How You Feel.  Echoing his usual brooding and thoughtful approach to his contemporary sound, Nico is never one to shy away from abrasive content and How U Feel laments his motives as an artist.


Emerging in July of 2015, Nico Ghost is making his mark being dubbed as the ‘new wave’ of Australian Hip Hop with the likes of Allday and Ivan Ooze. Since taking the ‘new wave’ genre to the next level in new and creative ways, Nico Ghost has expanded his music to hip hop audiences across the country.


Since the success of his previous single Night Terrors, Nico has been working on his upcoming EP set for release later this year. So with single How You Feel now under his belt as well it is clear that his hype holds weight and we can only expect more gold from the Melbourne MC.


With a release date yet to be announced for this EP something tell’s us it isn’t far away…

Check out Nico’s latest single How You Feel below!