Pokemon Go Social Club Meet!

If I have to explain to you what Pokemon Go is then where have you been for the past 5 days?? Living under a rock?!!

The new app phenomenon that’s sweeping the nation has everyone playing video games outside instead of in because the only way the game works is if you are on the move.


Pokemon Go has taken social media by storm. All over the world people have been joining forces using social clubs on Facebook and events to communicate and share tips with fellow Pokemon Go players.


Here in Brisbane hundreds of players went on a pub crawl last Friday hosted by 2 Brightside squadders Jean & Jeremy.  This week they have announced another event and this time hosted by The Brightside Pokemon Go players can come together for a solid night of ‘Catching Them All’.


There’ll be special badges for PGSC members, The Brightside will have a lure on the venues Pokestop all night and if you’ve got any Pokemon games on Gameboy or Pokemon cards they suggest to bring them in to battle! They will also have a stack of phone chargers, and to top it off VALOR, MYSTIC and INSTICT bucket cocktails will also be available for purchase so support your team!


And just when you thought the night couldn’t get any better Earth Caller, Deadlights, Daybreakers and Among The Ruined will be playing live up until the Emotion DJs take over to ‘Lure’ all of you inside.


Set to become one hell of a night with hundreds of people already attending on the Event Page, will you rise to the challenge?


Pokemon Go Social Club Meet – Click To Attend

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Pokemon Go Social Club Meet


The Brightside, Brisbane