My Secret Circus Release ‘No Cigar’ Video

Meshing together the best of rock and catchy vocals, My Secret Circus have released the music video to single No Cigar in celebration of the band doing things for themselves and on their own terms.


Melbourne 4 piece My Secret Circus (MSC) are turning heads and gathering fans world wide with a breath of fresh are into the rock and metal scene. Sounding like a mixture of Limp Bizkit and Deez Nuts their new controversial single No Cigar now has an eye catching and crazy music video to match.


No Cigar was set inside a what seems like a metal hospital with lead singer Daniel Marazita tied in a straight jacket while others around him are being tortured. By the end of the music video everyone breaks out of the chains holding them down while seeking revenge from the person who captured them. According to a statement No Cigar is positive message about fighting battles and getting through the ups and downs of a tough and competitive music industry. MSC have done an excellent job in making sure the visual component to their single matched the story behind the lyrics, thus creating this killer and creepy video.

“You do all this hard work for so long and you find somebody tying you down with broken promises and dictating what you can and cannot do..No Cigar is a bit of a F**k You to those people” explains the band’s front man, Daniel Marazita


The Circus is coming to a town near you…