REMI. Live @ The Foundry

Melbourne MC Remi launched his brand new single For Good at The Foundry on Thursday. Brisbane was the first stop on the ‘For Good’ National tour where he was joined by MCs Man Made Mountain, Astro Travellers and most importantly his main homie, Sensible J on drums.


Kicking off his set with XTC Party, the groovy laid back track had Remi showing off with confidence right from the beginning. Owning the stage with banging dance moves and stage lighting that followed every lean and dab, Remi had the crowd eating out of his palm from minute he graced the stage. The crowd was screaming his name as they danced, completely spellbound by his contagious EDM Rap and the positive vibes continued throughout his entire performance.


Being the first show on the ‘For Good’ tour, Brisbane’s ears were treated to 2 brand new unreleased and unplayed tracks. Remi kept the positive vibes alive by giving out free mix-tapes to the people who rocked out the hardest, releasing his brand new tracks and giving a shout out to some guy down the back for “vibing hard” over popular track Sangria. His personal connection to his audience really put his performance on another level, he wasn’t just Remi he was our mate Remi.


Kicking off a 3 man rasta rap battle with his two supports acts, hands were in the air like we just don’t care and every minute that went by we were praying that the night would never end. This was the perfect segue into the song everyone was waiting for and the reason Remi was on tour, heart stopping track Feel Good which originally features Sydney female MC Sampa The Great. Although performed solo, Remis live execution of the track added the personal connection that it needed. Proud of the music he is creating, Remi’s appreciation of the crowds positive response to the first ever live performance of Feel Good was noticeable by the cheshire cat sized smile on his face as he thanked his fans.


The atmosphere of The Foundry that night was like a house gig where everyone knew each other and Remi was the friend who we had all tagged along to support. Closing the show with fan favourite Tyson, Remi ended the night on a massive high as his fans continued to cheer even after he was long gone from the stage.


His confidence, charisma and all round gratitude made for an intimate and very respectful show where I left feeling like I had received a really long and loving musical hug. Remi is a live music must see, a rising Australian hip hop legend and an all round talented groover that you’ll regret ever missing.


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