Monday Night Madness

BAR NUMBER 1: The Regatta Hotel

Whenever I’m looking for a relaxed night out with delicious cocktails and great service I will always go to The Regatta. Although they are usually very busy, I don’t mind waiting in line or being in a packed room as long as I am somewhere nice so that’s where I went. Serving up delicious dark & stormy cocktails out of the Walrus Bar downstairs was our bartender George who has served mum, Paul & I on multiple occasions and is yet to disappoint.


We ordered pulled beef sliders from the bar with a side of shoe string fries and they came to our table surprisingly fast for a small kitchen and a place packed full of people. Fresh produce and cooked to perfection it was just what I needed for a late night snack.


This is totally random but needs to be addressed. The woman’s toilets are AMAZING!

I feel like dreams come true within the tiled floors and the vanity light mirrors that have the perfect lighting for a selfie. Its almost like the dressing room of a cabaret club not a woman’s bathroom at a bar.



BAR NUMBER 2: The Kitty Bar @ The Treasury Casino

Did someone say $10 Cocktails??!! Oh hell yes, I am so there.

Even though it was a public holiday the Kitty Bar still had their $10 cocktail deals which gave you a choice of 8 different flavours all for $10 each.




I usually avoid familiar faces and surroundings as much as possible, but tonight I went to one of my favourite chilled out venues RGs in the Valley. There’s no dress code, everybody is laid back and the bartenders are always quick with service. Their music isn’t always the best but I can boogie to anything even if it is bad 80’s tunes so I didn’t mind and apparently neither did a few others. The Royal George is a great place to catch up with mates for a casual drink and shake your thing like no one is watching because they probably couldn’t care less.


Bonus of being at RG’s was meeting this super rad guy who swiftly became my dance partner after attending Black Sabbath that night.

His name is Nick ‘Lethal’ & he’s a stuntman who makes killer eggs by day and the face you see below in the music video for the band The Iron Eye by night. Guilty for going on a white girl stalk of his profile as until then I couldn’t even remember what he looked like I came across his band. They are currently in the process of recording the EP so if give them a listen via the video below and follow The Iron Eye on their musical journey!