Pendulum Share Exclusive DJ Live Stream From Spitbank Fort

After the recent release of their eagerly anticipated, brand new double A-side ‘Nothing For Free / Driver’Pendulum surprised fans further with a stunning one-off livestream from the roof of an armour plated ex-military fort hidden away in the English Channel.


The jaw dropping DJ set premiered exclusively on YouTube and showcased a special pandemic edition of the iconic electronic act live from Spitbank Fort. With Pendulum’s DJ Paul ‘El Hornet’ Harding stranded in Australia and live drummer Kevin ‘KJ’ Sawka stranded in the USA due to COVID-19, this performance saw frontman Rob Swire on vocals as well as DJing alongside founding member Gareth McGrillen, with additional live guitars from Pendulum guitarist Peredur Ap Gwynedd.


Set on the leviathan Spitbank Fort, one of three 150-year-old military forts based in the Solent between Gosport and the Isle of Wight, the site has served through two world wars providing military protection for ships in the English Channel. The hour long event featured a mix of Pendulum hits, including the brand new “Nothing For Free” & “Driver”, some of their favourite tracks of the moment and an exclusive preview of further unreleased music.


Known globally for their incredible stage show, the livestream showcased a decked out fort with world class festival production, spectacular light show and a huge SFX set up including lasers, pyro and flames, all while being expertly shot by director John Paveley and his team of drone & handheld camera operators. An up close and personal 360 view of the stunning location, the headline performance is everything fans have they’ve come to expect from the show stopping act.