Jesswar Shares New Single ‘Venom’

Today, Meanjin-based Fijian rapper Jesswar claims her destined throne with much-anticipated new single Venom, alongside a powerful video directed by Colin Jeffs and Kevin Bar that invites viewers to experience unbridled Pasifika excellence.


In the throes of her new song Venom, Jesswar fractures traditional notions of power with her smug demand to “get the fuck off my throne”. Reflecting on her career as a stereotype of modern assimilation and trickle-down diversity, Jesswar remarks, “I wrote ‘Venom’ in 30 mins. I felt I had been muzzled in the Australian music industry and that definitely inspired the lyrics. I felt I’d been stifled so much that this chant erupted into what is now the track. I truly felt fearless, unbound and untouchable. ‘Venom’ is a war cry from the front line, I say it with my chest ‘COME AND GET IT’.”


The visual for Venom is a celebration of Jesswar’s community: “It’s extremely important that my community is seen and seeing all the sissy’s come through felt like I had an army behind me. Venom is the perfect introduction into the world I’ve been dreaming up.”


Director Colin Jeffs adds, “We became heavily inspired by the Marvel/DC universes to portray Jess almost as a badass comic book character. The whole underground theme, looks and colors were inspired by movies like the Matrix and the slew of DC movies out there.”


Check out Jesswar’s bad ass single and video below!