BENEE Drops Music Video For Single ‘SNAIL’

If you like the movie Coraline, you will like BENEE’s new music video for single Snail. 


It’s creepy, bold, weird and fun just like BENEE is and not to mention the track is also a serious BOP as well.


For the visual, BENEE and director Anita Fontaine deliver a lush and larger-than-life fantasy befitting of the track. In the colorful clip, she wakes up to feed her giant snail room-mates and slides around their slime trails before heading to work in her secret elf lab. Soon, she’s cycling out a concrete replica of her own head into a storm. After being struck by lightning, our heroine turns into an elf and cruises through a mushroom wonderland under the glow of an aurora borealis-style blanket of colours across the sky.


Of the inspiration behind the video, BENEE says, “I knew I wanted the vid to be a weird fantasy story involving snails! I said to Anita that I wanted to be an elf with long braids riding a bike & have giant mushrooms somewhere in the vid… She came back with the treatment & I loved ittttttt! Her imagination is supa whacky in the best way and I’m so happy with how Snail turned out.”


You can view the music video below!