YEAH; But Seriously Though 

  • Q&A Front Man Alex Farrell-Davey From Alae

    Describe yourself using 5 adjectives

    Open minded, lazy – yet eager… Evolving and passionate.


    How did you come up with the band name Alae?

    ‘alae’ seemed like a relatively ambiguous word, that we could try to build an idea around. Trying to figure out what to name a band was more difficult than we’d expected… Most of the great names have been taken!


    You just dropped your new single Lucy, how are we feeling?

    It was awesome finally getting ‘Lucy’ into the world. It’s got a nice vibe, it’s one of my favourite tracks off the new E.P.


    What was the inspiration behind the single?

    We were trying to channel those Summer music festival vibes. Or just what it’s like taking a trip away from your usual environment.


    You have also released a music video to accompany the new single, how did you come up with the concept of an animation video?

    It’s always been an idea to do a video like this. I’m just stoked we found Mardo El-Noor! He’s an amazing, talented dude.


    I saw that you guys also released an acapella version of ‘Lucy’ in collaboration with Brotherhood Musiq & The Beat Council. How did that idea come about?

    The accapella version of Lucy came about through our bassist Marika Hodgson and her hookup to Nate Dousand (the man who arranged this beautiful rendition of the song).


    Do you feel that as the front man you have more responsibility than your fellow band members or are you all equal when it comes to writing new songs etc?

    The way in which we go about writing and developing songs is ever changing. We often have different aspects of a song to individually look after, or focus on. The combination of ideas and perspectives is awesome.


    What plans does Alae have for the future? New album? A tour? Even a new single?

    Future plans involve a new single, a new E.P, a mini tour and we’re currently writing for a new project at the moment.


    How did Alae as a band cope during COVID and all of the lockdown restrictions?

    We were ok, it was hard at points. Organisations like APRA were a life saver. The NZ music community and those that support and nourish it were very proactive in helping artists out. We live in a beautiful country!


    When you are relaxing, what music do you listen to in the background?

    I listen to Wilco a lot. Feist, The Kings of Convenience. Tom Misch, Carol King


    If you were not a musician, what would you be doing?

    I’d probably be learning how to be a musician.


    YEAH; But Seriously Though

    YEAH; But Seriously Though