Kayne West Has Dropped A New Track With Travis Scott

Kayne West has released a new track and video Wash Us In the Blood featuring Travis Scott. The single was mixed by Dr. Dre, and artist Arthur Jafa created the artwork and directed the video. Wash Us In The Blood is the first track from West’s upcoming tenth solo studio album ‘God’s Country’.


As you have probably deduced from its title, Wash Us in the Blood is based on a religious theme, with Kanye transforming into more of a gospel artist as of 2019. As such, the titular “blood” mentioned in the title is actually a reference to the blood of Jesus, which is a popular concept in Christianity.


Kanye West is entreating a Higher Power to directly intervene on behalf of his people. And the way the rapper idealizes the situation is that in doing so, not only will they become less inclined to engage in criminal activity. But also certain unfavorable aspects of their past and present, such as respectively being the victims of slavery and unfair law enforcement practices, will also be erased.