Ocean Alley Release Brand New Record ‘Lonely Diamond’

Beloved Aussie songwriters Ocean Alley are stoked to release their long-awaited third album ‘Lonely Diamond’, and have revealed it will be accompanied by a 12-track visualiser. The band also announced a new ‘cloudy’ vinyl variant to celebrate release day, which can be purchased from select indie record stores.


The masters of groove wrote and recorded the highly-anticipated follow-up to 2018’s ‘Chiaroscuro’ over 18 months, and discussing the expectation they felt to deliver on this record, Ocean Alley shared “The pressure was immense for the band but also for each of us individually. We had never been so exposed to critique like that before and it’s not something we ever expected to experience when we started doing this. At times we all felt a bit out of control but it was important for us to go through it together so we can back each other up.”


he band chronicled Lonely Diamond’s conception and progression with their Constructing The Diamond video series which gave a behind-the-scenes look into their studio jam sessions, featuring previously released singles Stained Glass, Infinity, Tombstone and Hot Chicken, as well as previewing album highlights such as Way Down and All Worn Out. While much of Ocean Alley’s allure stems from their cruisey, laid-back swagger, the core themes of the album provide a darker snapshot of the impact that life on the road can have, exploring feelings of escapism and isolation.


Check out Ocean Alley’s new album on Spotify now and immerse yourself in the beautiful reggae grooves from one of the best.