Vengaboys Issue Warning Over Current Trending Tik Tok ‘Up & Down Challenge’

Thousands of people are continuing to ignore the Vengaboys’ recent warning across social media.  As published in People magazine, the Vengaboys have issued a warning for people to no longer attempt the fitness trend inspired on TikTok. ‘The Up and Down Challenge’ also known as #vengachallenge now has over 65 million views.


Megastar Jason Derulo posted his video on TikTok last Saturday:, whilst Jena Frumes also shared the video of the successfully executed ‘Up and Down Challenge’ with her 4 million followers on Instagram.


In case you missed it, the ‘Up & Down Challenge’ is a zany and acrobatic exercise that challenges couples to move ‘up and down’ together and in-sync to the beat of the Vengaboys classic: ‘Up & Down.’ It looks easy and harmless, however, that’s not always the case.


Although the exercise has been performed flawlessly by many, there are also people who end up crashing down. Some escape with minor injuries, such as bumps and bruises, however, some are inflicted with serious injuries, including: broken bones and fractures.  It’s now gotten to the point where the Vengaboys have pleaded with viewers/users to stop attempting these over-the-top exercises at this time.


Vengaboys Captain Kim explains: “We are of course delighted with the huge success, but we still want to ask the TikTok community to stop this challenge.  If you break a finger or sprain your wrist, you still have to go to the hospital, where they have more important things on their mind right now.”


I on the other hand will keep enjoying both the successful and failed attempt videos of the ‘Up and Down Challenge’ on Tik Tok while I sip my morning coffee.