REVIEW || A Somerset Parade Live @ Ivory Tusk Brisbane

5 piece alternative punk outfit from Brisbane A Somerset Parade supported Hammers on Saturday night. After releasing their new single Clementine fans were eager to see them live and they definitely showcased one killer performance.


Entering the stage to an atmospheric musical intro, the boys were excited and raring to go. Kicking off their set with pop punk track Statelines, A Somerset Parade were quick to win over the crowd getting everyone off their feet and jumping to the beat.


They were playing on a rather small stage but that wasn’t stopping them from leaping around and throwing their bodies to the beat. The first thing I noticed was how cohesive the band was. Although every individual member had their own style on stage they all came together like a well oil cog which made it impossible to look away.


The boys then rolled through singles Ruins Of This Empire and Next Life. Both tracks are catchy as hell and I don’t think I stopped head banging the entire time. Ruins Of This Empire was definitely one of my favourites from their set. It showcased the insane talent of every single member of the band and gave the crowd an all round respect for every individual and their instrument.


Lead vocalist Daniel was so passionate with every word he spoke, you could tell he put a lot of thought into their songs and he wanted everyone to know that. Bassist and backing vocalist Brad was definitely the boys hype man. He interacted with the crowd every second and kept everyone pumped up all while playing his heart out. Drummer Matty rocked out like he was playing to a stadium of thousands. Flaring his sticks around with his arms moving at the speed of light, you could tell that he really loved to perform and he was bloody good at it. Andrew and Mitch were both on guitar and the riffs flying from these boys fingers was mental. No matter how fast or intense the track became there wasn’t a beat or a note missed by anyone it was truly incredible to watch.


I had a little giggle to myself as the boys dropped a cover of All Signs Point To Lauderdale by A Day To Remember. Having no prior knowledge about A Somerset Parade or their music, the very first band that came to mind when they started playing was in fact A Day To Remember. The boys absolutely crushed this cover and having seen ADTR live before I was super impressed by how similar they sounded.


Next up was their latest release, punk rocking hardcore track Clementine. This new release definitely showed growth within the band and you could hear that the boys found the perfect mixture of their beloved genres and transformed it into a killer tune. Clementine is the sort of song you want to hear on the big stage as loud as possible. Its the backing track to the mosh pit you want to be apart of and the mass sing along you want to loose your voice to. And I can honestly say that if Clementine is any sign of new music to come from A Somerset Parade I can see big things coming on the horizon.


As their set came to a close the boys brought out the big guns with single Information Age. After giving their 110% for the duration of their set you would think they would be running out of steam, but that was not the case. Hardcore and fast paced, Information Age brought out a more intense side of A Somerset Parade. Hats were flying off from headbanging, riffs were flying out of no where, drum sticks were being thrown around, screams were blearing over the speakers.. It was intense, it was dramatic, it was hardcore it was A Somerset Parade.