Q&A || Lachlan From BONKA

Aussie DJ duo BONKA have just released their brand new single All Your Love as well as performing at Magnums Airlie Beach and Eatons Hill Brisbane Foam Party this New Years. We decided to have a chat and find out more about the boys, their music and a recent signed deal!


Describe yourselves with 5 adjectives.

Passionate, energetic, excitable, adventurous and BONKAS (fully aware that is not a real word)


How did you come up with the group name Bonka?

That credit actually belongs to Connors mum, one day she was talking about going out and having a good time and said “You guys are BONKERS” and boom, the group name was born.


Who are some of your biggest musical influences as a pair?

As a pair and as individuals, people such as the chainsmokers, hermitude, peking duk and people like that because they change the game in their own right (both from a musical and performance standpoint)!


What was the inspiration behind your latest single ‘All Your Love’?

We were trying to follow up from our single ‘Focus’, and we came across some sick vocals which were sent to us by the uber talented “Romantic Era” and we just went back and forth a few times and did our best to give it our sort of signature BONKA style, when it comes to our pop music and we couldn’t be happier with how it came out to be honest!


When you are writing and recording music, who has the most influence? Or is it pretty even?

It’s definitely a collaborative effort and lots of give and take which works best for us as some times you need another perspective to see or hear things which you can’t do after listening to the same project 1000 times!


We heard through the grapevine you have signed a deal for North America with Robbins Entertainment? You must be stoked!

Yeah the rumours are true, and we couldn’t be more stoked! The team at Robbins are amazing and we work together really well and have very similar ideals when it comes to goals and how we should go about executing them! We have a lot planned for the future so to say we are very much looking forward to that would be a massive understatement!


You have a lot of shows popping up especially over new years? Do you have anything special lined up for your live performances that you can disclose?

Yeah for new years we are playing in airlie beach along side SLUMBERJACK at magnums hotel and then backing that up with a performance at Eatons hill for their legendary Foam Party on NYD!


For fans who haven’t seen you perform before, what should they expect from your live shows?

Absolute chaos and an hour and a half of absolute everything in regards to music and the performance, we are all about energy and partying!


When you are relaxing, what music do you listen to in the background?

I (Lachlan) actually love country music, weirdly enough but something about it I find super relaxing and is just good fun to listen too!


If you weren’t musicians, what would you be doing?

I actually have no idea, we had no idea we would be musicians either but life is just full of surprises but if I had to venture a guess probably policemen or tradies 🙂