Milky Chance & Tash Sultana Drop Single ‘Daydreaming’

Calling upon Australia’s very own Tash SultanaMilky Chance are back with a brand new single Daydreaming. The result is something truly special, and is one of Milky Chance‘s most introspective offerings yet.


The band met Tash recently at Groovin’ The Moo in Australia, and within months got together in her studio to create Daydreaming. The chemistry between the two is palpable. The track offers a more distinct ‘ska’ feel than previous releases and could be indicative of things to come. Sultana’s psych-infused vocal is hypnotizing and adds an exciting dynamic to the track. The hook is unmistakable Milky Chance


“It’s not just a daydream, it’s more like a vision of how things could be, and where you could go. It’s about those mechanisms that starts working when you don’t know how to deal with reality,” says the band of the song.