Hailing from the sea side of New Brighton in Christchurch New Zealand Stanley or better known as Stanza Blade is putting Kiwi Grime on the map.


I went to high school with this guy and his music recently appeared on my Facebook feed. I’m a massive fan of Grime so I thought I’d give it a listen. I had no idea Stanley from high school had this much talent!


Grime to me is one of the most passionate and raw forms of rap. Its basically take what you have and what you have been through and make a song out of it. Australian artists such as Wombat and Kerser do this very well and considering I hadn’t heard much Grime out of New Zealand, Stanza is the perfect introduction to it.


Stanza also recently released a single with Joe The Freakshow, another up and coming Grime rapper from NZ. The track Better Get Some Sleep has a catchy backing tracks and the bars are tight.


Check out some of Stanza Blade’s tracks below including his 64 Bar verse for Red Bull NZ.