Bring Me The Horizon Drop New Music Video

Fresh from their monumental performance at Glastonbury Festival and headline Radio One Big Weekend,Bring Me The Horizon are poised to release another epic single from their now silver, Number 1 album ‘amo’, entitled sugar honey ice & tea.


Did you clock what “Sugar Honey Ice & Tea” stands for? Vocalist and lyricist Oli Sykes thought it was a well-known phrase but none of his bandmates cottoned on for ages. He eventually had to tell them it stands for s–t. Sykes: “Everyone was just thinking I was saying some words because it had a nice ring to it, but my dad used to say it if he’d stub his toe. He’d go, ‘Sugar, honey, ice and tea!'”


The music video is absolutely manic, I was lost from the start but I couldn’t look away. Its very Bring Me The Horizon but a much more messed up version. See for yourself below.