Seth Sentry Drops Official Video For Single ‘Wrong One’

The concept was developed by Seth and long-time visual collaborator Grey Ghost. The pair engaged Director Marcus Coblyn and the team at Made In Katana to bring their vision to life. Filmed last month on a barren isolated country road in NSW as well as a Sydney city bar, the video takes inspiration from the Wrong One’s illustration which Seth wanted to bring to life.


Seth says about the new video “The thing to me about film clips is that often everybody has their own little movie in their heads playing when they listen to a song. Their own private screening. I thought for the it might be cool that instead of showing the action sequence we just show the before and after & leave the rest up to your imagination.


The Made in Katana crew did such a great job recreating the song artwork for the bar scene & they managed to scout out the perfect country road to shoot on. Thanks to the fans that came down short notice to play extras as well. Also my friend Solo (Horrorshow).” While producer Ante Miocic says, “As a young producer, working with Seth has definitely been a standout project for me. Having such a professional team and artist made collaboration effortless and I think the end result reflects that perfectly.”