Q&A || Frontman Jaeden Ogston From Rude Rum

Brisbane’s rockers Rude Rum have officially announced the release date for their highly anticipated debut EP ‘Taste Test’ (June 12th). The boys have just released the first single off the EP Pull Me In so we decided to sit down and have a chat to find out more.


Describe Rude Rum using 5 adjectives.

Fresh, mischievous, ecstatic, elegant but rebellious


How did you come up with the band name Rude Rum?

It’s a play on words from a type of Jamaican rum they used to call “Rude to Your
Parents”… it was an overproof rum they distilled back in the day and was
apparently common during the early Reggae party scene.


I liked it shortened to “Rude Rum”… it sounded gritty but funky at the same time
so I went with it!



How did you guys become a band?

I had the project started around mid 2017… however it went through a line-up
change just as I was planning the release schedule at the end of 2018.
I put out the word I was looking for a bassist and drummer, and that’s when India
contacted me for the bass position… We hit it off straight away on the first jam!


I then met our drummer Van through India as they were childhood friends. He
just moved to Brisbane to purse music so we invited him in for a session and he
was perfect!


Our tastes are all similar, and we share common goals for what we want to do
musically which makes everything work really well… they’re also rad lil humans
so we just have blast together hahaha


You’re releasing an EP next month, how are you feeling?

Not sure if it’s hit me yet hey!
I’ve been waiting so long to release some proper recorded tunes… the fact that its
right around the corner is sort of surreal.


It’s a totally independent release … I’m ecstatic with how it all turned out and am
super keen to release it!



What is the overall theme musically and lyrically throughout your EP?Musically, my plan was an EP that’s punchy, rowdy and packed with groove…
something that makes you alive and electric… we need more of that in the world.


Lyrically, there’s no real overall theme… each song exhibits its own canvas for
people to interpret with their own perception and create their own meaning for it
… if that makes sense?


Overall though this EP is designed to be a statement… “This is us, this is what we
do”… a taste of what we’re all about.



During the writing process, who is the person that takes control or is it all pretty even?

In the past and for this EP, it was solely my writing.
I had a vision for songs that have their own character and personality compared to
what is being released in the Alternate/Indie Rock world right now.


In future though, my new band members have their own unique ways of seeing
things. They also have that same vision for writing so some collaboration may
just work a treat.



How long was the overall writing and recording process and how was it?

I had one of these songs written in 2015! That’s how long I’ve wanted to release
an EP! Hahaha!


Out of all the songs we’ve been playing, these four stand out the most in the set
which is why I chose them… I felt they just had to be released.


In terms of the recording process, the whole rhythm section was done live in one
session. The vocal and guitar tracking took another session and then it was
basically done. A few mix tweaks here and there and it was good to go.


I wanted this release to be organic and not over-produced… to have those core
raw emotions that formed these songs to still be present in the recordings.



Do you plan to tour with this EP?

Maybe a semi tour… we would hit the road tomorrow for an Aussie tour if we
could but time-frame wise with the band reformation, it didn’t allow me to book
one in.


However the end of 2019 is looking real prime… maybe another release and a
debut tour? hehe



Any upcoming dates we should be looking out for? Tours/Singles?

There will be a release party at Greaser Bar in Fortitude Valley on June 27 th …
we’ll post the event on our social media so keep an eye out!



When you are relaxing, what music do you play in the background?

My taste in music is quite varied hahah

But let’s say I’m laid back cooking and drinking wine… I might listen to some
Django Reinhardt (a French Gyspy guitarist from the early 1900’s)… that chills
me out but also puts me in a good vibe.


Leon Bridges and his album ‘Coming Home’ usually goes nicely too… even
groove out to some Allen Stone he’s a cool dude haha


But if I feel a bit more up-tempo, I’ll go straight to some Black Keys or Gary
Clark Jnr… I don’t like being too relaxed hahaha



If you could record a song with one artist or band who would it be?

Anderson .Paak Cause DAMN that dude is funky HAHAH
His groove and vibes are next level… if you watch his Tiny Desk Concert it’s just
so captivating… especially his song Come Down… now THAT’S a TUNE! Haha


What is the worst piece of life advice you have ever received?

Have a “Plan B”.
I remember all through high school… all sorts of people telling me “have a plan
B”, “Now what’s your plan B”.
Hell nah! Hahaha!


My Plan B is reinforcing Plan A.
If you want something bad enough, you’ll find a way to get it.
I reckon with a positive and slightly crazy mind anything is possible.