Sublime With Rome, Jakubi & Cheap Fakes Live @ The Tivoli



Kicking off the night was the Cheap Fakes and what a fucking groove train that was. Brisbane ska, funk, indie rocking reggae superstars were one of the best local support acts I have ever had the pleasure of seeing. 6 dudes all in suits took the stage and made it theirs and the crowd were having the time of their lives. Upbeat and so funky, every tune started a party and after only one song the dance floor was littered with groovin souls who were soaking up the music like expensive liquor. Cheap Fakes played tracks such as Wires from their 2015 album ‘Modern Vintage’ as well as Sand On The Beach from their 2012 album ‘Hand Me Downs’. It didn’t matter what track these guys played, they were so energetic you couldn’t look away. Mix that with their horn section, incredible riffs and smooth vocals and you could paint the picture of a smoky pub full of dancing people in the 70’s like Greece.




This was my second time seeing Melbourne hip hop funkers Jakubi and they were just as amazing as I remembered. All the members of Jakubi have such a tight nit family connection with each other and through their music they expresses that. Playing killer tracks such as Feels Like Yesterday and Couch Potatothe upbeat funk of their instruments paired with the smooth vocals of front man Jermone sent the crowd into a fandom frenzy. Jakubi are party starters, their energy on the stage was contagious and their connection with the crowd kept the vibe high for their entire set. The groups most popular track Holiday features Jermone’s talk box more than other tracks, an effects unit that allows musicians to modify the sound of a musical instrument by using their mouth.  The crowd is always confused about what it is at the start but once Jakubi whip out that Daft Punk sound effect during their set the crowd always go wild. The highlight track was definitely Nobody Better from their latest EP release ’61 Barkly’, but to be fair I lost myself completely into their set and I could have danced forever.




Sublime with Rome is a musical collaboration between Eric Wilson, formerly of the band Sublime, and singer and guitarist Rome Ramirez.


The group hadn’t even reached the stage yet and fans were already screaming, chanting and chugging beers. The Tivoli was now officially packed out and the aura throughout the building was at an all time positive high. Sublime With Rome made their way to the stage and kicked off with their killer single Date Rape. As Date Rape is one of their more popular songs, the chorus was sung loud by everyone and the crowd was officially wrapped around their little finger.


A few songs into their set the band stopped and broke up a small fight at the front of the pit, showcasing their true colours of being absolute top blokes. Once resolved, Sublime With Rome then played their 1992 cover of Smoke Two Joints which brought the mood back up and re started the party.


Incredibly tight and exceptionally talented, every song and every note was played with ease and not a single beat was missed. Sublime have released some of the best catchy reggae tracks from the early 90’s to now and still to this day fans recognise songs from as far back as their debut album from 1992. Every song has their unique and recognisable signature rhythm throughout that still to this day no one has replicated and the band totally own it and people still love it.


The crowd favourite by far was their 1996 single Wrong Way, with every mum, teenager and dad dancing about and singing with the band in unison. Other tracks such as What I Got and Santeria which was played during their encore were major crowd pleases as well as 1992 syncopated track Badfish. To be fair every single song was a groove tune and I think the crowd was just pleased to be in the same room as these legends.


Sublime With Rome didn’t only play an incredible set but they came onto the stage for their fans with the hope to give them a show they wouldn’t forget, and I guarantee they never will.






170 Russell, Melbourne


Luna Park Big Top, Sydney


Metropolis, Fremantle