Osaka Punch Live @ The Brightside



On Friday night I was lucky enough to hang out with the boys from Osaka Punch before their Brightside Show. Not only are they all super down to earth and amazingly talented, but they are also some of the nicest guys I have ever met.


Osaka Punch are a 4 piece ruckus of sci-fi rocking hardcrumpers that are one killer entertainment package on and off the stage. Transforming into their alter ego’s the members of Osaka Punch come together like a musical force shield protecting us from the boredom of radio song hurricane.


Recently releasing their fantastic EP ‘Death Monster Super Squad’, Osaka Punch were in Brisbane playing the 4th show of their 5 date national tour and I was so happy to be there. Pulling a jovial and enthusiastic crowd that were buzzing the indoors of The Brightside. Prepared for the sweat pool of a packed out venue, people from all walks of life squished together for the best view.


It wasn’t long before the boys hit the stage and a roar of screaming and applause radiated through the air. The first beat of popular track Stonk sent fans into a frenzy and from then on the entire vibe from both Osaka Punch and the crowd was electric.


Track after track, the dance moves got raunchier and the crowd got louder and if atmosphere alone wasn’t enough Osaka Punch played an absolutely flawless set. Bringing out some oldies from their previous EP ‘Voodoo Love Machine’ such as the vocal challenger Eat Red Carpet and spy theme track Actibreeze remixed in with the Ghostbuster’s theme song, yes you heard me correctly. It totally worked, and with a whirl pool of lyrics ‘I ain’t afraid of no ghost’ and ‘Want somebody else’s face’ it was both humorous, unexpected and totally wicked!


Pulling surprises from left right and centre Osaka Punch were joined on stage by a 5 piece brass section. Playing together one of their latest tracks called Eat You Up, the clean cut brass section mixed with the insaneness of Osaka Punch brought their performance to the next level and gave an original bonus to those who has seen them live before.


I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, Osaka Punch is a band you MUST see live. I could describe what its like a thousand times but you will never understand until you physically see and feel the wrath that is these four boys up on the stage with instruments in hand because it is something else. Still one of my favourite live acts to date Osaka Punch couldn’t have possibly played better unless it was a private show in my bedroom. (Maybe next time) 😉


Osaka Punch are supporting Caligula’s in Brisbane at The Triffid on November 4th. Don’t be silly, be there!




Osaka Punch Supporting Calugula’s Horse


The Triffid, Brisbane

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