The Iron Eye Live @ Crowbar

Pumped up and rearing to go, I was excited to see local boys The Iron Eye live again, after a stellar performance supporting kiwi rock legends Shihad in July. As well as launching their brand new track Just Started, The Iron Eye tonight were opening for crazy rock legends King Of The North at Crowbar in the valley. This night was also the launch of King of the North’s brand new album ‘Get Out Of Your World’, so with a bucket load of new content from both bands I was ready to rock.


Kicking off their set with Kiss From A Rose by Seal, 3 piece Brisbane rock dream boats The Iron Eye entered the stage. Joining in with the fans, The Iron Eye sung along with exaggerated emotion and I started to feel like I was stuck in a bad Asian karaoke bar scene, but in a good way.


Giving themselves a killer edge over basic rock bands, The Iron Eye have a different and memorable riff in each one of their songs that replays in your brain for days. Dave tunes his bass to sound like a second guitar and the tone is beautiful with a full bodied sound that most 5-6 piece bands couldn’t produce, this is true music synergy and the three boys together become more than just the sum of their parts. Antonio’s biceps are a true indication of his fury on the drums and vocalist Nick slays his guitar with such ease that while singing at the top of his lungs you’d think he could do it in his sleep.  All very talented in their own field, The Iron Eye becoming one well oiled music machine who were ready to bring the house down.


The Iron Eye had perfect levels during their performance. Although loud and raw you could hear every individual instrument as clear as day and front man Nick’s vocals sat on top of all the noise like the bread of a tasty rock sandwich. Listening to their recorded tracks is great, don’t get me wrong, but there is something about hearing The Iron Eye live that makes them unforgettable. You can hear the raw passion, you can feel the gut wrenching commitment to each track like they are playing their last ever show and you can see the gratitude on their faces as they watch fans leap around.


Playing a few older tracks and debuting some sneak peaks of their upcoming EP ‘Foreign Bodies’ the crowds response was really positive and their performance over all was musical artistry. With hands up in the air, The Iron Eye had the crowd wrapped around their little finger as they transition into a cover of The Boys In Love by The Presets. Covering an electronic song in the most rocking way possible the boys were enjoying themselves just as much as the crowd was.


Saving their brand new track Just Started until the end of the set meant all fans were locked in anticipation waiting for its big reveal. Clean, loud and bigger than ever before, Just Started struck that funky dance rock nerve that we had all been waiting for. With hypnotic lyrics and a musical element of desire, Just Started is the rock version of a bump & grind track that gets your hips moving and your head banging.

Just started is the perfect example of The Iron Eye’s mind exploding riffs and with that said it has become the backing track in my head to everything I do, and I’m not alone.


The Iron Eye are a band that are hard to forget with catchy rock tunes, killer live performances and handsome as hell looks. Breaking out of the rock scene at lightning speed and playing like seasoned pros they have gained the attention of many people throughout Australia. With their EP ‘Foreign Bodies’ and music video to Just Started set for release later this year, they are a band to watch out for as they make their way to the top one funky riff at a time.