Q&A : Jordan Merrick From Fugitive & The Vagabond

Folky Blues group Fugitive & The Vagabond have just released their brand new single My Girlfriend and its super sweet. We caught up with front man Jordan to get the inside scoop and to find out just what these Brissy boys will be up to next.


Hey how are you?

Currently eating falafel and drinking coffee. Living the dream!


How did you come up with the band name ‘Fugitive & the Vagabond’?

Named after a great song by a band called The Mumlers.


How would you describe the sound of your music?

I don’t really write to fit a certain genre so our music can vary quite a bit. We’d probably relate most to folk and blues.


You have just released your brand new single ‘My Girlfriend’ how are you feeling?

It’s been a great experience. You can’t help but feel both nervous and excited when you release new music. Nervous because you have absolutely no idea how people will react, and excited that you can finally share something you have worked very hard on with the world.


What is the story behind this single?

I’d normally keep song meanings close to my chest, but with My Girlfriend it is very much a satirical take on relationships and no doubt the least serious song I have written. It follows a Rock’ n’ Rolling, pot smoking, dog loving woman between jobs who, despite all her faults, is still the muse in the narrator’s life.


‘My Girlfriend’ has landed #1, #2, #7 and #14 in the roots, rock, indie and overall charts on Triple j Unearthered. Has this come as a massive surprise to you, maybe bumping up your excitement to release your album?

Its been crazy. As of today (13/09) it is sitting at #1 on both the rock and roots charts, number 2 on the indie charts and 4th overall. It is definitely both surreal and humbling. I write music that I enjoy hearing and hope that people will enjoy it too. This has exceeded expectations.


What can we expect from your forthcoming album ‘Novella’?

‘Novella’ is a lyrically diverse album that comments on different aspects of life. Be it something like relationships or loss, the pressures of city life and the desire to escape – it has something I feel everybody can resonate with.


You have just kicked off your single tour, what is most important to you when performing live?

I want the crowd to feel the same passion and energy we feel the moment we hit our first note. I’m a big believer in playing what you feel. Honesty as a performer is to me the most powerful thing to watch. I remember seeing Nick Cave at the Riverstage a few years ago, and when you look at him, Warren and Jim etc, they all believe in every song and are absolutely engrossed in every moment. All any musician can hope to do is emanate something like that.


What do you miss the most while on tour?

To be honest, I haven’t been on the road long enough to miss anything. I love the adventure that is touring. No doubt if you ask me at the end of the tour I’ll have a different answer.


Whats next? Music video? Album? What can we expect from Fugitive & the Vagabond for the rest of 2016?

We’ve got the My Girlfriend music video out in just under two weeks which we can’t wait to share. It is something we’ve never delved in in terms of style and we’re counting down! Following that, our debut album ‘Novella’ is out on November 12th.


When  you are relaxing, what music do you play in the background?

I’ve had a lot of Nick Cave on repeat the last few weeks, especially after watching One More Time With Feeling. I have properly discovered how great The Rolling Stones are this year as well, so have been going through each album on Spotify.



What is the worst piece of life advice you have ever received?

“You should play more covers so people know what you’re singing”.



My Girlfriend Single Tour Dates


The Bearded Lady, Brisbane


The Thornbury Local, Melbourne


Oxford art Factory, Sydney