Maroochy Music & Visual Art Festival Review

On Saturday the beautiful sunny coast was home to hundreds of festival goers who made their way to Horton Golf Course in Maroochydore. Maroochy Music & Visual Art Festival was upon us and at 10am the gates were open to 11 killer main stage acts, Ghetto Blaster DJs, the champagne and oyster garden, 7 humanoids, live spray paint art and heaps more.


Well organised and with the help of lovely and professional security and volunteers the whole festival ran smoothly and the overall atmosphere of this little parkland oasis was very relaxed. With great attention to detail, ideas such as a cloakroom right by the gates meant the inner short girl in me was happy to not be smacked by an oversized bag, not even once. Although some may have found the set list a little awkward I thought it was very clever. Allowing punters to soak up the atmosphere of the whole festival rather than just seeing the bands they wanted meant that the festival was appreciated and not only for the music. With a fixed timetable that ran on time and no clashes punters were free to enjoy all Maroochy had to offer.


Whether you wanted to leap around to your favourite band in the mosh or simply sit back and relax on a picnic blanket Maroochy Festival had you covered. Funky op shop couches, massive pillows, weird vagina looking blow up seats and a massive range of food for all the fussy eaters left me with absolutely nothing to complain about. Stone & Wood on tap, short lines at the bar, red frogs everywhere you turned it was bliss and I’m so happy I could attend. Even the toilets were reasonably clean by the end of the festival… now that’s saying something.


Yeah But Seriously these were my HIGHLIGHTS!


My photographer Rowan tried to sit in one of the blow up chairs at the Champagne and Oyster bar stage. From where I was standing it looked like the chair ate him and I found it highly amusing.


I met Japanese Wallpaper and their manager so of course I got a photo. They were lovely, fan girling!!


Lets just start by saying George Maple is absolute fire! So stunning and fuelled by confidence she took ownership of the stage and stole the hearts of everyone. Rocking a red ca-mono and high cut leather leotard George played popular tracks Talk Talk and Sticks and Horses. The crowd was going wild as she remixed M.A.D.D City by Kendrick Lamar with Diva by Beyonce before launching into her feature track Gemini with Sydney DJ What So Not.


Matt Corby is like the biscuit to a hot cup of coffee on a lazy Sunday morning, captivating, smooth, just perfection. As handsome as he is talented this long haired beauty was backed my a fantastic band with tracks such as Resolution executed beautifully.


Peking Duk were f***ing insane! Reeling in the crowd with their David Hassehoff intro, they launched into a remix of popular single High and then it was party time. Smoke was blasting, confetti canons were exploding and the crowd was leaping in unison as the strobe lights flickered throughout the festival. Playing crazy drops and hitting the bass with so much force my poncho was shaking Peking Duk played through the start of a monsoon of rain but not one person was fazed by the weather in the slightest. Asking every crowd member to get on someones shoulders, Maroochy Festival was transformed into a double decker party with shirts swinging around heads and cheers from all over. There was Mufusa and Say My Name and tracks that were brand new and hadn’t been heard anywhere in the world. Peking Duk brought the noise, started the party and we salute you.


With rainy cold weather on the forecast for the entire day we were lucky enough to see the sun for almost the entire festival. Although the rain kicked in during the second to last act (Peking Duk) festival punters battled natures forces and successfully ended their time at Maroochy Music & Visual Arts Festival on a high as than ran for cover at the local Bunnings.


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