Attending my first ever BIGSOUND is very overwhelming yes, but it’s also so damn exciting. I was lucky enough to score a media pass for me and my photographers for the 3 night musical pub crawl and I am absolutely stoked. BIGSOUND bring it on!


Save The Clock Tower @ Crowbar

The first band I had the pleasure of seeing was Save The Clock Tower at Crowbar right on 8pm. Lets just start by saying these boys do not muck around. Straight into the intense gut wrenching vocals of Luke Vaessen, and soul crushing rhythmic notes of the rest of the group left me almost physically deaf after two songs (I’m not complaining). Although playing almost an entirely new set list of songs, there wasn’t a hair out of place or a note missed. Tracks such as White Cross are the perfect example of the boys talent to tell a story with their sound instead of the lyrics. Whether seducing you with their slow and intimate sound are blowing your bloody brains with unclean vocals, spine tingling riffs and chest exploding drums you’ve pretty much have nothing to complain about apart from being dazed and wanting to do it all again.



Harts @ The Brightside Outdoor Stage

So much funk and even more groove, Harts packed the outdoor stage floor of the Brightside with fans who were ready to dance. Reminding us all of a modern day Prince, Harts were fiery and memorising for a 2 piece act and with tracks such a When A Man’s A Fool making your hips sway its hard to look away. Harts was feeding off the crowd, the crowd was feeding off Harts and in the mix of a beautiful multi genre music vortex BIGSOUND lost control and it was simply a pleasure. Dedicated to every note played, vocalist Darren has the ability to seduce with jolty dance moves and sexy riffs. With reciprocal “WOOOS” heard from all around the bouncy mosh of fans, Harts owned the stage and stole hearts while they were at it.



Mike Noga @ Empire Hotel 

Starting off their set with Mike breathing heavily into the mic, Melbourne singer and band were ready to rock out. Folk? Rock N Roll? Call it how you feel it Mike Noga was on the stage to tell a story and that is just what he did. Debuting tracks from his latest masterpiece ‘King’, All My Friends Are Alcoholics became the highlight of the set as the band added acoustic guitars and tambourines to their set. Every song showcased a different emotion, triggered another passion and while performing on a stage the size of a postage stamp, Mike and his band members made sure they moved around and kept things as interesting as they could. Unable to entirely describe just what it was like to see a bunch of talented musician absorbed by their own sound, its something you will need to see for yourself.



Jakubi @ The Zoo

I’ve been waiting to see Jakubi for what feels like forever and BIGSOUND did me the biggest solid and brought them to Brisbane for me. Playing hits such as Couch Potato, Holiday and This Is My Life the boys looked like they were having the time of their lives as the leaped from one side of the stage to the other. Quite clearly really good mates behind the scenes, you could feel the chemistry between all 5 boys which only reflected positively into their sound. Everyone was dancing and singing along while every connection made between the band and the crowd was taken on board as chants and claps flooded The Zoo. Lead singer Jerome used a talk box in some of their songs which I had never seen before giving Jakubi that Daft Punk edge to their killer indie groove tracks.




My overall highlight of the night was meeting front-man and vocalist Jack from Osaka Punch who had been dancing up a storm next to me throughout Jakubi’s set. Literally the nicest guy I have ever met, hands were out for shakes but hugs were clearly preferred. After several attempts at some pretty dazzling photos I was then was introduced to Jakubi’s manager who was just as lovely to speak to. I shook some hands and saw some bands and I left the zoo at 12:30am in high spirits looking forward to the next adventure. Thank you BIGSOUND!


BIGSOUND Official Recap Video.