Pierce The Veil, Silverstein, Beartooth & Storm The Sky Live Review

When I rocked up to Eatons Hill Tavern and saw the 10 mile long snake that was the line to get inside I new I wasn’t the only one pumped for an old school mosh.


Kicking us off for the night was Melbourne alternative Hardcore band Storm The Sky whose front man William Jarratt is a very handsome man. (Insert heart face emoji here)


Accompanied by some killer visual effects and sensory images behind them, Storm The Sky played drawing the crowd in towards the stage like a hardcore pied piper. Edgy atmospheric storytelling vibe with a well rehearsed and confident sound, the 5 piece were clean and cohesive, they were ear candy for the true muso.


Storm The Sky played with real emotion, you could feel the passion behind every lyric spoke and every note heard. Playing tracks such as Giants and Wake Up Sleeping fans were leaping up and down and screaming lyrics.


Finishing off their set with their moody new single Lilac, fans were just as positive to new work, loving it as much as previous tracks . It was a nice touch to see the official music video for Lilac playing behind the band. Fully dedicated to their set Storm The Sky left everything on the stage for the crowd of screaming fans that came out early just to catch the boys in action.


Continuing the high quality support line up Beartooth, unveiled in front of my eyes. From Columbus, Ohio this Metalcore 4 piece like to play really loud and that’s exactly what they did during their 30 minute set. They were 100% high energy, scream the house down, party till we die, musical genius.


From the minute front man Caleb Shomo walked out onto the stage and the band kicked off the first beat an explosion of sound hit like a musical wave of destruction. Dedicated fans in Beartooth merchandise littered the floor as the high energy group leaped around the stage thrashing guitars and spitting lyrical fire.


Encouraging everyone to get involved a circle pit was formed in the middle of the mosh and it stayed there until the next intermission. Fists up to the sky they played Hated, Give It Up & Set Me On Fire as every drum beat hit like a smack to the face and every note was executed with clarity and ease. Beartooth are absolute season pros and they killed it.


Lets just start by saying Silverstein are some of the most genuine dudes I’ve ever seen grace a stage. I have a soft spot for Silverstein after interviewing Paul Rousseau, and getting a small in sight to their musical madness. They are five different guys with their own style and their own personality but after just one song you could tell how cohesive and connected they are as a band as they slashed songs for their dedicated fans.


Playing popular tracks such as Stand Amid The Roar and Sacrifice the crowd favourite was by far Massachusetts with a killer break down that melted faces the masses of people who were leaping from the ground in unison to the beat.

Debuting new song Milestone, lead singer Shane Todd jumped ( fell?) down into the photo pit, announcing it was now a Brisbane tradition as fans ran to the front of the stage and pushing their way to get a glimpse and perhaps a selfie.


These guys are as Canadian as maple leaves and ice hockey, their accents and huge smiles were unforgettable and the syrup on a fanatic musical journey of tempo changing artistry, Silverstein were awesome.


Ok, Can we just take a second to appreciate Vic Fuentes face!!! Arrrrrrrrrrr ok done..


Opening with Dive In from their latest album ‘Misadventures’ San Diego rockers Pierce The Veil took ownership of the stage as fans were screaming from left right and centre. possibly their best song ever and a perfect example of PTV sound, high energy, honest and passionate


Replicating perfectly their recorded sound live on stage, PTV had the crowd wrapped around their little finger from the first song till the last. Their stage performance created just the right high energy atmosphere, add to this crazy facial expressions and hardcore dance moves , Pierce The Veil were on an all time high and made sure the fans felt the love. Lights were flashing and confetti was exploding as a wave of fandom consumed the band which only encouraged PTV to play harder and with more energy.


Taking us all on an emotional roller coaster, from the high energy guitar driven melodies to the lyrical genius of Vic, this post hardcore ride is pure delight. They are some how theatrical and intense but still dirty hard rockers all within the same show. Tracks from their 4th album ‘Misadventures’ were met with a massive ‘hellllyeah!” fan roar as positive as any of PTV old school favourites.


My personal fav Texas Is Forever saw every note played to perfection, raucous and emotional all in one with a raw intensity that extends beyond just a song but a life event.


Tony’s hands were moving at the speed of light as he shred, flourished and weaved with aggression and passion. The smile on Jaime’s face could have melted your heart had he not already had you drugged on his fluid, un-apologetically catchy riffs. Vic absolutely killed his vocals, both passionate and transparently honest and made every moment up on that stage count. Drummer Mike whose concentration face although a little humorous showed his dedication to every heart smashing drum beat, clean, interesting and high energy.


The raucous vibe was mellowed when PTV went acoustic and played their track Kissing In My Car. Giving off a pop rock feel but without compromising, leaving the aggressive rock just flowing under the surface.


Walking off stage at 10:45 after one incredible hour performance the crowd still hadn’t had enough as they screamed for the band to return to the stage. Performing a two song encore including popular track King For A Day the boys hovered on the stage throwing drum sticks and pics and I was starting to wonder if they were ever going to leave the stage.


Pierce The Veil gave the performance of a life time and having not been to Australia since 2013 they definitely made up for lost time and gave us a night we would never forget.



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