Breakfast: Little Corner Cafe

I was having an eating day… Ok I lied, everyday is an eating day!!

I ordered a Haloumi Stack & Banana Bread w/ Espresso Butter & a Long Black Coffee.


With such cheap prices I expected the portions to be half of what the usual $24 meal would cost you at any other cafe. But alas, I was wrong with two huge pieces of sourdough, covered in avocado, tomato, two huge slices of haloumi cheese and rocket.. YUM!!!

Everything was fresh and delicious and I enjoyed every bite.


Tucking in to my banana bread as my belly started to swell, I barely managed to scoff the last remains as I induced a full blown food coma!


Their coffee is always yummy, their food is cheap and you get heaps! Banana bread is always perfectly toasted and the espresso butter is to die for. I think they have the best bacon I have ever tasted and if you don’t mind feeling a little out of place if your not a stay at home mum or oldie than this place is for you!





Little Corner Cafe

86 Dickson St, Wooloowin

Mon-Fri : 6:00am – 1:00pm

Sat-Sun : 7:00am – 1:00pm