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Hey guys,

Welcome to my very first Drop A Line post!!


It’s very important to me that Yeah; But Seriously Though is an open commuication space between Me (Gmonster) and You (my readers).

If you fit into any of the categories below:


  • Photographer & or Writer/Reviewer looking for a platform to display your work.
  • Owner of a clothing line or small business looking for free advertisement and promotion.
  • Band or Solo artist who needs further assistance promoting their songs, tours, albums etc.
  • General questions and queries.
  • Suggestions for content you would like to see.
  • Passionate foodie looking to review cafes/bars/restaurants.


Then feel free to contact me via the two methods below and I will do my best to help accommodate any requests and answer any questions you may have!


Thanks Gmonster.


FACEBOOKYeah; But Seriously Though


2 Responses to Talk To Me!

  1. Hillary Manuva says:

    Hi Gmonster and the Y;BST team!

    I came across your Facebook page from the FOMO facebook event and I got interested in what you do. I was wondering if you guys had space in your team? I’m looking to get some experience in the event industry however, I can also write articles for a wide variety of topics! Your posts have now made me a fan and I look forward to hearing from you!

  2. admin says:

    Hey 🙂 flick me an email at and we can talk there ! Thanks for making contact.

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