Sweets: Cocowhip from Pineapple Express

I went cafe hunting with mum the other day and I decided it was just about time to try out Pineapple Express Cafe and their delicious and pretty cocowhip desserts !


I ordered a bounty cocowhip which came with the soft serve, bounty bars and cacao chocolate sauce poured on the top. It very hard to explain exactly what it felt like to eat but it was absolutely delicious. Soft, creamy, coconutty and refreshing it was as if i was eating coconut cream frozen into a dissoluble and icy form. Highly recommend!


What is a COCOWHIP you ask?

A soft-serve frozen treat and the first of its kind: by using only Coconut Water, Organic Bio-Fermented Coconut Powder & Vegetable Sourced stabilisers, CocoWhip is a vegan, gluten and dairy-free dessert packed with a far superior nutritional value to any other frozen dessert on the market including Acai Bowls & Frozen Yoghurt Desserts.


Pineapple Express Cafe

39 Hercules Street, Portside Wharf, Hamilton, Brisbane.

Mon – Sun :  5:30am – 4:00pm

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