Club Going Up!

If you are ever visiting NZ and you enjoy nights on on the town.. GO TO WELLINGTON!!

I love having a few drinks and dancing the night away, so along with being over the moon to catch up with old buddies it happened to be my favourite and cheapiest night out in a long time.

I went out on a Wednesday and again on a Saturday and both days were equally as pumping. Student friendly night Wednesday meant that drinks were cheap and all the dance floors were pumping 80’s jams and 2010 hits so everyone had their groove on. Saturday surprisingly still had cheap deals as well as splicing together the best of 2016 and all those JB bangers we all know and love.

Bouncers and bar staff were friendly and an added bonus was everyone could wear what ever they wanted as long as they were tidy and clean. There’s nothing worse than waiting 20 minutes in the cold outside a club just to be turned away at the door because you’re wearing vans or you haven’t got your bum on show.

I was only in Wellington for a few days so I can only base my opinion off my experience but if you’re ever around go out, have some drinks, get your groove on and visit these clubs!

Electric Avenue

Red Square